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Disruption-Based Investing

With more than 50 years of experience in venture capital and finance, WR Hambrecht+Co team members have provided billions of dollars in early capital for more than 500 companies including:



The firm's investment strategy begins with Disruption Theory, as articulated by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen. The continued application and refinement of this approach has culminated in an advanced computing and big data platform that provides unique insights into private markets with an ability to pinpoint early disruptive companies around the globe.


Corporate Finance

WR Hambrecht+Co advises the world's most elite Boards and C-suites in the domains of strategy, finance and growth. 

With powerful visibility across and within global markets,

the firm has guided billions of dollars in transactions spanning more than 50 countries.  

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Art + Science

WR Hambrecht+Co was founded by William Hambrecht, who previously founded investment bank Hambrecht & Quist that went public in 1996 and was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1999 for $1.35 billion. While notable on many fronts, William Hambrecht is especially renowned for identifying promising young companies and propelling them forward.

In the 1990s Hambrecht also began a series of collaborations with Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen.  In his landmark book, The Innovator's Dilemma, Christensen introduced the world to Disruption Theory, which is perhaps the most influential theory of market dynamics and innovation of the past 25 years. Christensen's articulation of "disruption" resonated deeply with Hambrecht's experience, leading WR Hambrecht+Co to adopt an investment strategy based on a strict interpretation and disciplined application of Christensen's empirical research.

Ongoing refinement of this approach resulted in the Market Exaptation Simulation Engine ('MESE®'), a large-scale, multi-million dollar advanced computing and big data platform that has continued to evolve for more than a decade. 

Through professional expertise, proprietary insights and sophisticated technology, WR Hambrecht+Co seeks to combine the best of art and science to help identify disruptive opportunities and catalyze growth for innovators worldwide. 

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People are not a means, but an ends. In other words, individual accomplishment and wealth creation are not ends in and of themselves. Rather, at their best they are means to increase the wellbeing of people and society as a whole. 


Used prudently, technology has transformative potential to improve the effectiveness, financial performance and social impact of investors and innovators alike. 


Whether investing in startups, building partnerships or helping companies go public, WR Hambrecht+Co believes fairness is critical to productive relationships and a better world. From acting with integrity, to combating discrimination, to advocating a more level playing field for investors through open auction-based IPOs or more merit-based decision technologies, WR Hambrecht+Co is built on the belief that good business is good business, and that zero-sum thinking leaves people divided. 



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