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The New A+ IPO

Need to raise between $5 and $50 million?

The 2012 JOBS Act mandates Regulation A changes that would provide growth companies streamlined access to public capital.

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The OpenIPO®Auction

Transparent, market-based price discovery.

Leveling the playing field for larger public offerings through investor access and efficient allocation.

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Our Passion is Your Company

The new A+ regulation is right in line with what we've done all along.

Throughout our history, WRH+Co has been a passionate leader and partner for growth companies. We've always innovated and influenced, so it's no surprise our recommendations are cited 29 times in the SEC's rulemaking proposal.

Going Public Early

Did you know Hambrecht & Quist helped Adobe Systems go public in 1986 when the company was only four years old and had 49 employees? Adobe raised approximately $5 million and then later grew to over $4 billion in revenue with close to 10,000 employees.

They are not the only industry leader to have raised only a small amount in its IPO. Starbucks, Yahoo, AOL, Peet's Coffee, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Odwalla, Intel, Amgen, Oracle, and Cisco all raised less than $50 million in their IPOs.

And now that's possible again for your company.

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A History of Investment Banking Innovation

Disruption Theory + Data Science

We use proprietary data science tools to tell your company's unique story to investors.

Transparency & Flexibility

We match your company with a path and process to access the right kind of capital.

Pre-IPO Research

Level the playing field by providing equal access to information before an IPO.

Data Science

A unique methodology blending proprietary analytics with fundamental analysis.

Consumer Offering

Make customers and end-users your best long-term shareholders.

Our Approach to Research

In order to tell your company's unique story, we have found "one-sized" research does not fit all sizes of companies.

A lot of research talent has moved from the sell-side to the buy-side, which is why the buy-side now requires in-depth research and tools to help facilitate investment decisions. But not all underwriters publish pre-IPO research. WRH + Co believes strongly that pre-IPO research is in the best interest of both the issuer and the buyer. Our simple, distinct recipe for success is this — provide Pre-IPO Research and Financial Models.

Small Cap Companies

Historically, research is a problem for smaller companies. WRH+Co will help you avoid anticipated difficulties encountered through the traditional IPO process, by providing:

  • Pre-IPO research and aftermarket coverage for the first year, with the option to extend coverage indefinitely.
  • Evaluation tools for buy-side investors in the form of a forward 12-month-estimate and financial model.

"…one of the two most highly valued “research” services provided by Wall Street to the buy-side is direct access to company management… something that any issuer, by definition, can provide on its own"

Keating Investments from The Fatal Flaw in Underwriter Selection by Venture Capital-backed Companies, August 2013

Because you can Partner with Customers and Users as Shareholders

image source: Kelvin Ma/Bloomberg News via

With an optional Consumer Offering, you can make customers and end-users your best long-term shareholders. This process is ideal for companies with a large consumer base or for Internet companies collaborating with end-users. If you're serious about creating true brand ownership and inviting users to be partners, contact us for more details.

Read the Boston Beer IPO Story

"The members create most of the value of online communities and they are entitled to compensation."

David Silver from The Social Network Business Plan

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Getting Started FAQ

Why should I take my company public?

  1. provides access to the capital you need
  2. guarantees an independent path for the company
  3. offers liquidity for shareholders

What can I do to start preparing for an IPO?
Most importantly your company leadership should be on the same page about an IPO. If that's the case, you can get a head start by:

  1. certifying your financial statements
  2. creating a first draft business write up with financial forecasts
  3. begin meeting with the buy-side (it's now legal to test the market, and we can help you do just that)
  4. and choose your underwriter

When is the right time to take my company public?
Assuming your company is able to raise a minimum of $15 million, there are great examples of success when a company goes public early including Intel, Adobe, and Genentech.

How should I evaluate and choose an underwriter?
The underwriting business is long on mythology and short on fact. We are analytical, quantitative, and willing to share our data with you. We think it's important you ask us the hard questions, for instance, "What is the historical first-day pop from your underwriting?" and, "How do you attract long-term investors to my company?"

What additional questions do you have?
Please submit them via our FAQ Page.